The DAMS 2

put together by FGA Chicago (fucking good art) at Sala de las Artes, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

“call it the DAM, DEMS, DAMNED or the DED...the DAMS was  a motley group of young artist from the island of Puerto Rico, along with a magnificent crew of international artist, with the task to develop work that would investigate the role of photography, propaganda and advertisement banners in contemporary Caribbean was a collective effort, a monumental labyrinth, a massive collage "

The DAMS originated as a special project for Photo Miami in '06
The Dams 3 invite with image by Melanie Schiff
Invite for The DAMS 2
(cover image: Melanie Schiff "see through")

The DAMS 2  took place at the former site of  The Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (MAC) at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. It was a cavernous space with faded gray carpeting and the depressing charisma of a typical Puerto Rican governmental institution. In many ways, the works were forced to fit the space as some walls still had chalky colors and stenciled lettering on them from previous exhibitions. The DAMS opened during the second edition of the Circa Art Fair and foot traffic during those days was heavy, including a visit from curators Laura Hoptman, Massimiliano Gioni, and a group of board members from the New Museum.
Works (L-R): W&N, Cristina Tufiño and Gamaliel Rodriguez.

Jason Villegas detail
detail of Jason Villegas



W&N (lightbox)
"unititled" light box by collective W&N 

Rogelio Baez "MissEd"
Rogelio Báez
This banner, the same one that graced the entrance to Photo Miami Art Fair '06, disappeared from this wall for days. After numerous meetings with institutional bureaucrats and the President of the University, it was discovered that  Dean Pedro Fraile, acting under the the thumb Socorro Julia, a hardcore Catholic nun who's pretty much the face of the University, had it removed on the basis that lesbians kissing in public was detrimental to the community. (Take note: The image is that of a woman kissing her reflection in the mirror).  A smaller second version of  "Miss-ED" located at the main entrance to the library was never found.    

L.M. RodriguezL.M. Rodríguez "Beer Bottle Banner Ballet"
Also a victim of attempted censorship due to the fact that, the beer banners were closely located to classrooms devoted to AA nightly meetings. It was thought that the beer banners could induce relapse. In the end L.M. Rodríguez was forced to display a sign explaining that the banners were part of an art exhibition and not a beer advertisement.

Gean Moreno and Jason Villegas
Gean Moreno
"Black Zodiac"

Entrance to the main room decorated with a Photo Miami banner, a sort of homage/displacement piece to the original setting of The DAMS. On the top left is "Flat Security Services," a piece by Juan Carlos Rodríguez and Gamaliel Rodriguez -Ayala that was the official image for Art LA '07.

W&N 's postcard rack "GO TO PR USA"
Each image illustrates the less favorable and more native face of Old San Juan. The work tries to exploit the cliched vision of international curators that feed on the supposed aesthetic value of misery of the marginal Puertorican artist.
Gean Moreno, Jason Villegas, Stefano Pasquini
"Promosexual cellular display" by Jason Villega
wall instalation made in colored tape, suit, Lacoste pacthes, ceramic

Davis Langlois (Children are from Mars)
"Children From Mars by the Misfits"
arab translation in gold leaf on paper by Davis Langlois

Jakob Marchosky
Jacob Marchosky from the "Paradox in a Loss Faith" series
acrylic on clear plastic

the Dog House for Carmen Correa by unknown and a banner by Gardy Perez
on the wall Gardy Pérez "Flags" 
floor piece in scrap materials "The Dog House ( to CC Contemporary)" by Gamaliel Rodríguez and Juan Carlos Rodríguez

homage to Papo Colo by unknown
found packaging materials from a Papo Colo piece, not related to The Dams, but on display just because it looked cool and sort of melancholy

"black rainbow" banner overlooking the site by Joseph Hardesty
square collaged banner installation: Luis Agosto-Leduc

Herminio Rodriguez
Herminio Rodríguez

L.M. Rodriguez, Davis Langlois, Gean Moreno, W&N
partial view of The DAMS 2

DAMS 2 view
partial view of The DAMS 2
center piece "see through" by Melanie Schiff

students from Universidad Sagrado Corazon collaborate with Gean Moreno
Students from the course ART 115: Modern and Contemporary Practice, along with Instructor Pedro Velez, installing Gean Moreno's collage/quilt "Black Zodiac." Visitors were encouraged to post advertisement and other ephemera on the piece. Some rock band did as well as theater people. "Zodiac" would later go on tour with bands Ron Calavera and Tropiezo, the quilt became a traveling flag were people could just do anything to it. (Remnants of Zodiac and documentation were returned to Gean Moreno).   

Gean Moreno and students

"Black Zodiac" at some seedy bar during the tour of Ron Calavera / Tropiezo

Jorge Castro lecture and show at DAMS 2
artist and sound curator Jorge Castro gives a lecture on Noise Art

"Ramsey Light Box" by W&N

Gean Moreno detail
detail of Gean Moreno's Black Zodiac

Michelle Miner (Sachsehausen), Gamaliel Rodriguez drawing installation and Gardy Perez posters
In all THE DAMS 2 was a collaborative effort, works would overlap each other, there were no boundaries or even individuality. Here the high contrast of "Shennhaussen" by Michelle Miner rests on top of a found advertisement. Drawn text in the bubble reads "The Dams" is by Gamaliel Rodríguez-Ayala. On the right "Flags," a rendering of three variations of  "Dam -u" by Gardy Pérez

Jakob Marchosky and Rogelio Baez at work
Rogelio Báez and Jakob Marchosky during installation

Gean Moreno detail
detail of "Black Zodiac"

Caroline Gil (666)
Caroline Gil "666"
(For the record : Medalla is the National beer of Puerto Rico and the cheapest too)

DAMS opening

W&N Lighbox and magnets (on the second floor)
light box of tattoed boy and fridge magnets of dirty doves by W&N

Photocopy Me
In the corner London's Photocopy Me/Andy Moore. Visitors could make their own free copies, copies and more copies from editions of Photocopy Me. The idea is that in the end the copies of copies of the magazines would become invisible, almost abstract prints.

Artist included in Photocopy Me: 
Francis Bickerdike
Lee Boulton
William Broome
Nic Burrows
Luke Drozd
Will Edmonds
Jemma Egan
Sarah Fellows
Proper Gandhi
Michael Lawton
Drew Millward
Andy Moore
Anna Peaker
Graham Pilling
Laura Robinson
Oliver Schulze
Jess Thomas
Jon Owen

DAMS 2 view

DAMS and scenesters

banner ballet by L.M. Rodriguez

Kasran Dane hockey stick

Herminio Rodriguez
Herminio Rodríguez

Nicole Rodriguez detail
detail of "Zionist Filth" by Nicole Rodríguez

Juan Carlos Rodriguez (surveillance camera corner left and wall hanging banner)
 "fried goods and x-ray" by Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Photocopy Me
collector Carlos López and visitors making their own copies of Photocopy Me

Photocopy Me on display

detail of W&N "GO TO PR USA" postcards

Pedro Velez introduces Jorge Castro

Edwin Crespo "Veritas" 
large xerox and chair

Herminio Rodriguez

"Flat Security Services" by collective Los Rodriguez

detail of L.M Rodríguez "French Dren Waterfall"

"Methods for Obedience" by W&N

detail of Rogelio Báez installation

Rogelio Báez and W&N

Juan Carlos Rodríguez "Flat Security Sevices-Willie Colón"
video, wall collage, banners, desk, boxes, chair

Marcial Feliciano "Meme-Nuclear" on top of Juan Carlos Rodríguez wall collage

detail of a video loop showing two dudes installing a fake surveillance camera in front of the Communications Department. The boxes contained hundreds of editions of the University's journal Punto y Coma, that had been discarded for no good reason. For the exhibition the artist kept the boxes available for the take by visitors.

Felix Agosto "MYOB"
interactive installation with faux display case, stickers from famous brands and artists icons, and wall piece resembling a concrete wall.

detail of Felix Agosto "MYOB"

Stefano Pasquini and Nicole Rodriguez

Gamaliel Rodriguez-Ayala
"that damned concept of extended painting"
altered banners on wood and brick

Stefano Pasquini
collages: "Finally your name on E-Flux" and "Finally your name on Artforum"

Marcial Feliciano "Meme-Mono"
this banner, installed on the interior patio of the University, visible from all areas and at all times,  was stolen only a few days after the opening


Dildo y Culo poster 'How to Participate in Local Museum Contest"   
the piece is a satire about conflict of interest and a scandal involving the Museum of Contemporary Art curator giving a prize to her husband. 
Stefano Pasquini
"Take the Q out of Iraq"

Gardy Perez left- right  Maria Jahr

L.M. Rodríguez
Beer Ballet

L.M. Rodriguez "Crash"
banner and 3-d manipulation

back : Kasarian Dane 'untilted" 
oil on goalie stick


W&N and Gardy Perez

Randall Garret
"69 thug 4 life"

L.M. Rodriguez, Davis Langlois, Gean Moreno, W&N

Caroline Gil hidden envelope
Caroline Gil hidden in a corner-on the wall Michelle Miner

"the Barracks" by Michelle Miner
Michelle Miner


Felix Agosto
Felix Agosto

Felix Agosto (MYOB) adultered stencil

Kasarian Dane, W&N, Gamaliel Rodriguez
Kasarian Dane, W&N, Gamaliel Rodríguez-Ayala

DAMS 2 view

DAMS 2 view


dams 2 view

Luis Agosto-Leduc

New Museum and Cristina Tufiño

L.M. Rodríguez "crash x 4"
installed at some useless monolith at the entrance of the University

Maria Jahr "untitled"

Photocopy Me "manifesto"

Gardy Pérez "Mono" and on back wall top : Joseph Hardesty "Owl:

New Homes series by Cristina Tufino
Cristina Tufiño
"New Homes"

New Homes series by Cristina Tufino
Cristina Tufiño
"New Homes"

"Gray Rainbows" by Joseph Hardesty
collage transfers on banner